"Art ... must do something more than give pleasure:
it should relate to our own life so as
to increase our energy of spirit.",

    Sir. Kenneth Clark, Looking at Pictures 

Maria was born, raised and educated in Poland. In 2001 she has moved to California/USA.  She is primarily self-taught, preferring pure experiments on a blank canvas and her direct observation of life.

For Maria, the act of creating is the greatest and the most honest form of communication with the world. She uses painting and recently her camera to explore and discover the interaction between balance and chaos, dialog and silence, real and unreal.

She starts her painting ritual by building up surfaces with layers of paint, sand, incorporated pieces of found materials and papers, scratching and sanding the surface over and over again. She explores the potential of the blank canvas with variety of brushes, palette knives, fingers, and rags.

During the process of painting, she applies paints in quick, free manner letting symbols, colors and shapes emerge in the process of creation to the accompaniment of her favorite music.

She begins creating her pieces with no concept in mind but instead allows her intuition and creativity play the main role. 

In 2010, she discovered huge passion for landscape  photography. She is inspired by ocean, lakes, hills, and empty areas.

In her daily life she is a happy wife, a mother to three wonderful daughters.